The Best Shoe Trees to Keep Shoes Looking Like New

Shoe trees are crucial in extending the life of your shoes.

How do they work? Sweat from feet gets absorbed into the lining of shoes, which can cause them to rot, shoes to stink and even the leather to crack over time. To solve this issue, shoe trees modestly stretch out shoes while they’re drying to help preserve their original shape.

For your more expensive shoes, you’ll want to splurge on a cedar shoe tree, which naturally helps absorb moisture. There are also a range of lightweight and slimmer options available, often done in plastic, that are perfect for fitting women’s shoes and packing for travel. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best shoe trees to keep your footwear in amazing shape. Read on to shop them all.

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1. Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree

Featuring a long, crafted heel and luxe cedar wood finish, this top-quality pick is great for keeping even your most expensive pairs in tip top condition.

Pros: The cedar wood helps absorb moisture to prevent damage and keep shoes smelling fresh (even when the cedar smell start to fade, you can sand down the shoe tress to reinvigorate the scent). Ventilation slots near the toe also allow shoes to breathe while the unit is inserted. The style is designed with a gentle spring coil to accomodate a range of shoe lengths and widths up to a size 16.5 men's shoe. As an added bonus, it features a branded gold plate for an elegant look. The shoe trees are available as a pack of two or three, so you can get more bang for your buck.

Cons: Even as a pack, these shoe trees are still on the more expensive end.

Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree

2. Eachway Shoe Tree & Stretcher

Doubling as a shoe stretcher, this unisex option features a slimmer build that better fits women's shoes like flats, wedges and pumps.

Pros: In addition to helping prevent creases, this option is great if you're looking to stretch shoes more than just a pinch. It's made of plastic and can be used to broaden both the length and width of too-tight shoes. It even comes with special attachments to create more space at the top of the shoe and near the sides of toes, making it particularly great for people with wide feet who want to avoid corns and bunions. The trees are designed to fit in a range of shoes, including boots, up to a size 14 in men's and 13.5 in women's. They come as a set of two stretchers with a handy carrying bag for easy transport.

Cons: The plastic doesn't offer a cleansing scent or absorb sweat.

StyledRight 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

3. B&E Life Adjustable Shoe Tree

Lightweight and compact, these shoe trees are super easy to pack on the go and will work in everything from boots to moccasins and sneakers.

Pros: These shoe trees also work as stretchers to broaden the length of shoes, and are adjustable to fit a range of sizes (while marketed towards men, they can also fit some women's shoes). The shoe trees are available as a set of two or five at an extremely affordable price point.

Cons: This plastic option may not be as durable as other styles on the market and only stretches the length, not width, of shoes.

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