The Best Shoe Shine Sponges

If your leather shoes have started to look dull, a sponge infused with glossy polish may be just what you need to bring them back to life. Handheld shiners that have been pretreated are great for taking with you on the go, since they aren’t messy and revitalize the look of shoes within seconds. To help you find the best of the best, FN did some research and rounded up the best shoe shine sponges to help eliminate scuffs and get your shoes looking like new.

1. Simple Shine Shoe Sponge

This pre-treated sponge comes in a compact case with a handheld lid for convenient on-the-go use.

Pros: The formula is colorless so you can use it on different shades of leather other than black. It's also waterproof. The packaging is biodegradable.

Cons: Some may find it can be slightly dry.

simple shine shoe sponge
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2. Kiwi Express Shoe Shine Sponge

This sponge contains clear shine liquid that's ideal for shoes of all colors and doesn't create a mess.

Pros: It also features a special reservoir system that prevents it from drying out and handy gauge that lets you know when it needs replacing. You can choose from a three or 24-pack.

Cons: The shine may not last as long as others.

kiwi express shoe shine sponge
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3. Griffin Easy Shine Shoe Sponge

This style features an ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable grip.

Pros: It's quick and easy to apply to shoes. You can choose from a sponge with colorless, black or brown polish to suit any pairs.

Cons: It may be a tad sticky.

griffin easy shine shoe sponge
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4. Penguin Instant Shine Sponge

This sponge works for all colors of leather and vinyl shoes.

Pros: It's made to last awhile and provide over 100 shoe shines. It shouldn't leave a mess behind and requires no buffing.

Cons: The product might not replace a full shine routine.


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