Best Shoe Horns for Kids of All Ages

Tight sneakers, boots and dress shoes can be difficult to put on for both adults and kids alike. That’s where a shoe horn can help. These handy, curved instruments slip inside the back of shoes to help it easily slide over the heel of the foot. For shopping made easy, we’ve rounded up top styles on the market suitable for children of all ages. We chose solid, user-friendly options made of stainless steel and durable plastic styles that feature fun designs to make putting on shoes that much more enjoyable. What’s more, many of them are slim enough to fit inside practically all types of footwear.

1. Silly Feet Shoe Horns

This sturdy Silly Feet shoe horn is crafted from durable 100% stainless steel that won’t bend or rust.

Pros: Kids are likely to enjoy the iridescent rainbow color. An ergonomic design makes it easy to use. They come as a pack of two.

Cons: Some may find these shoe horns slightly heavy.

silly feet shoe horn for kids
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Jasmine Seven Shoe Horns

The shoe horns are made of durable plastic and include drawings of stars, butterflies and space.

Pros: You can also choose a four-pack of one color, including bright blue, green, pink and purple.

Cons: Some users may prefer a style with a deeper curve.

jasmine seven 4-pack kids shoe horns
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Lorie Shoe Horn

While this 4-inch product by Lorie is less vibrant than the others, it’s structured form dependable plastic and gets the job done with no fuss.

Pros:  The handle is ideal for kids’ little hands.

Cons: This might be too small for kids with larger feet.

lorie 4 inch shoe horn for children
CREDIT: Amazon

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