The Best Shoe Gaiters That Keep You Protected

When you’re hiking through any environment, you want to keep your feet, legs and shoes protected, whether you’re sporting sneakers, boots or some sort of hybrid. You can easily ward off scree and debris by using gaiters or shoe covers.

To save you time, FN did some research and rounded up some of the best models from the likes of Salomon, Altra and more. No matter which gaiter you find that works with your needs, each of our picks is durable, comfortable and convenient. Read ahead for our selections and avoid dealing with getting pesky gravel in your footwear ever again.

1. Salomon Trail Gaiters

Simply slip these gaiters featuring Velcro side strap enclosures over your shoes for optimal protection when walking or running on easier trails.

Pros: Outsole straps keep them securely in place. Reflective details enhance visibility for increased safety when it gets dark. These come with durable mesh and light padding around the ankle. In addition to black, they are available with neon yellow piping and red.

Cons: Unless you plan on wearing these with bulky boots, we recommend sizing down.

Salomon Trail Gaiters
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2. Altra Trail Gaiter

These are made with breathable, abrasion-resistant material to keep shoes free of sticks, stones, sand and snow.

Pros: The strapless design allows you to change your shoes and socks without ever removing the gaiter. They also come in pink, red, black, navy and more color palettes.

Cons: These are compatible with all Altra trail shoes, but an extra hook-and-loop piece is included for other brands.

Altra Trail Gaiter Protective Shoe Covers
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3. Unigear Leg Gaiters

These heavy-duty gaiters feature a tear-resistant, waterproof upper that prevents wet socks, cuts and scratches, insect bites and more.

Pros: A top strap can be adjusted to fit your legs and prevent them from falling off. They are lightweight and easily foldable for packing. Durable TPU instep straps can be fine-tuned to accommodate different types and sizes of boots.

Cons: You should measure your calves.

Unigear Leg Gaiters
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