Best Shoe Deodorizer Machines

Don’t just mask foul odors from your footwear when you can practically eliminate bad smells entirely. There are plenty of slip-in fragrance inserts that help provide shoes a more pleasant scent, but some of the causes associated with stench might require extra-strength deodorizers with bells and whistles that do more than just treat shoe stench. That’s where shoe deodorizer machines come in. They can sanitize and remove dampness, sweat and other problems associated with stinky conditions in a variety of footwear, including boots, sneakers, dress shoes and more. As a bonus, these deodorizing devices for shoes are relatively small and easy to operate.

1. Kooder Boot & Shoe Dryer

Heat is evenly distributed through air holes in the slip-in portion while temperature control settings allow for shoes to dry out completely and eliminate odor.

Pros: It takes nearly 1 hour for slightly damp shoes to dry, and wet shoes can take around 3 hours. Mildew scent is eliminated.

Cons: Heavy-duty footwear like hiking boots could take a much longer time to dry than average shoes.

Kooder Boot Shoe Dryer
Kooder Boot & Shoe Dryer.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ailenyun

The size makes it an ideal option for traveling and storing.

Pros: The bulb helps to prevent odor.

Cons: The heat generated might not be strong enough to dry large boots.


shoe dryer, boot dryer

3. Lavieair Shoe Dryer

The duo of hooks allows you to hang your shoes while the tubes use warm, radiant air to eliminate odor from toe to heel.

Pros: The device is noise-free and produces only enough heat to gently warm fabrications.

Cons: You may have to leave some shoes to dry overnight for maximal effect.

LAVIEAIR, Lavieair shoe dryer
Lavieair shoe dryer.
CREDIT: Amazon

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