The Best Shoe Charms That Get Compliments

Adding charms or buttons to any pair of shoes can be a great way to show off your individual style and personality. They may even inspire conversation wherever you go. There’s a wide assortment of shoe charms with durable, waterproof construction on the market, so to help you find the best ones, we did some research and curated a brief list of our favorites. Each of our picks comes with a variety of charms to express yourself.

1. XHAOYEAHX Shoe Charms

Anyone who loves sports, Disney characters, Marvel superheroes and rainbows will enjoy this 50-piece PVC shoe charm set.

Pros: These include four shoelace adapters and a wristband to make a charm bracelet.

Cons: This selection may feature some repeats of the same charm.

xhaoyeahx shoe charms
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Efivs Arts

This 50-piece set includes charms made of non-toxic PVC with a hard plastic anchor to keep them in place.

Pros: This option features charms for Christmas and food lovers.

Cons: Some users may receive a little under 50 charms.

Efivs Arts
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Bokcharms

This option contains 100 PVC charms with hard plastic anchors for security.

Pros: The vast assortment of charms are randomly selected to suit a variety of preferences.

Cons: This package may also contain multiples of the same charm.

CREDIT: Amazon


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