The Best Shoeboxes for Showing Off Sneakers, Heels & More

If your footwear collection is still out of hand even after purchasing multiple shoe racks and underbed containers, you may need to consider extra storage options. That’s where shoeboxes come in. Not only will they help footwear from accumulating dust, but unlike traditional cardboard boxes, they will easily display prized pairs and are a much more durable alternative.

They come in various shapes and sizes for storing any style, from high heels to sneakers and more. To help save you time wading through all the options, we’ve rounded up the best shoeboxes to shop in each category. Read on to discover them all.

1. Sterilite 6 Quart/5.7 Liter Storage Box

Perfect for a range of a uses, these midsize boxes are a steal as they come in a pack of 12.


  • Affordably priced.
  • Include recessed handles for easy lifting. 
  • Indexed top provides stability when stacking.
  • Also ideal for storing craft supplies, tools and more.


  • Boxes may scratch easily.
  • You will have to unstack boxes in order to open them.
Sterilite 6 Quart/5.7 Liter Stacking Drawer
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Iris Easy Access Shoebox

This ultrahandy option is tall enough to accommodate stilletos and features a convenient front panel for retrieving shoes without having to unstack boxes. 


  • Comes as a pack of two.
  • Features ventilation holes to prevent odor buildup.
  • Includes a divider shelf for storing two pairs of flat shoes in one box.
  • Also fits sneakers.


  • Doesn’t easily accommodate wider width shoe styles.
  • More expensive than basic storage bins.
Iris easy access shoe box
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Bogo Box Storage Shoe Boxes

A go-to for sneakerheads looking to showcase their coveted kicks, these sleek boxes will fit high tops up to a size 13 men’s shoe.


  • Include clear view side door for easy access and visibility.
  • Feature a high-quality construction.
  • Come as a set of two and are stackable.


  • Require some assembly, although most users claim the side door is fairly easy to attach.
  • On the more expensive end.
Bogo Box Storage Shoe Boxes sneaker storage
CREDIT: Amazon


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