Best Reflective Shoelaces

If you like to run at night, you’ll want to make sure you’re visible to oncoming traffic while pounding the pavement. Accessories such as reflective laces for your shoes can help with this. They feature special details that reflect light from cars and street lamps to help keep you safe. To ensure you invest in a great pair, we did the digging for you and rounded up some of the best options money can buy. Our list includes a range of choices to suit your needs and stylistic preferences, from vibrant elastic laces to more traditional tie styles. Bottom line: They’re should all work well and last you awhile.

1. Lock Laces Reflective Shoe Laces

Lock Laces come in two reflective colors and feature a simple locking device so you can easily adjust the fit to your liking and get moving faster.

Pros: They’re water-resistant. These work for adults and kids and can be trimmed to fit your desired length. They’re also quick to install.

Cons: Some users may find these laces stretch out over time.

Lock Laces Reflective Shoe Laces
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2. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System

Xpand elastic laces feature a flat, rather than rounded design, to reduce bulkiness and any discomfort. These can be worn in two ways: hidden mode, in which the lace anchors are installed behind the eyelet to keep them hidden inside your shoes; and visible mode, which allows you to see the lace anchor from the outside and make quick adjustments.

Pros: They’re available in a handful of reflective options in colors like neon pink and lime green, as well as a glow-in-the-dark style.

Cons: Some users may find the color of the laces bleeds when wet. These may be more difficult to install.

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System
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3. Xiazw Reflective Laces

These highly reflective laces are flat to elevate comfort and quite sturdy.

Pros: They come in three colors — black, white and gray — and as a pack of two.

Cons: Some users may find these are too long for some shoes.

Xiazw Reflective Laces
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