Best Linen Shoe Boxes

Most closets don’t offer enough space for our endless pairs of shoes, leading us to find alternative storage containers and organizers. Linen boxes are a lightweight and breathable option that will keep your shoes organized when your shoe rack starts to overflow. FN rounded up superlative linen shoe boxes that you can buy now.  These containers range from under-the-bed boxes to squared, collapsible options: all made from high-quality linen to protect your shoes from dust and damage. They’re also reinforced for added durability.

1. Seckon Linen Under Bed Shoe Organizer

Seckon's underbed shoe organizer uses premium-quality linen and stores up to 12 pairs of shoes.

Pros: The container is equipped with handles and a clear cover to make it easy to take the unit from under your bed.

Cons: Shoes with heels and tall uppers may not fit in the cubbies.

seckon linen shoe box
CREDIT: Amazon

2. mDesign Soft Linen Storage Bin

mDesign's soft storage organizer bins are made with breathable nonwoven synthetic fabric and a clear PVC front window for easy visibility of your shoes.

Pros: These boxes include reinforced sides and a reinforced bottom to keep shoes secure and to allow the bins to keep their shape. These come as a pack of six.

Cons: Each box will probably only fit one to two pairs of shoes.

mdesign linen shoe box
CREDIT: Amazon

3. YueYue linen storage box

YueYue's storage boxes are built with a reinforced linen pattern and durable cardboard. They're also aerated to prevent shoes from stinking and are wear-resistant.

Pros: This collapsable linen box has sturdy handles for easy reuse. The neutral tones blend right into most closets and storage units for a natural look. These come as a pack of four.

Cons: These don't feature a clear component for easy viewing of what's inside.

yueyue linen shoe box
CREDIT: Amazon

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