The Best Instant, On-the-Go Shoe Polishes

If your favorite leather, synthetic leather or vinyl shoes lack luster and could use a quick touch-up, you may want to pick up a product that will instantly add shine. A good polish should nourish and condition the material, dry fast and come with a dauber or sponge for easy application. With this in mind, and to help narrow down your search, we rounded up a few of the best instant shoe polishes on the market that are ideal for on-the-go use. Each of our picks is conveniently portable to take with you anywhere so your shoes will never look dull.

1. Moneysworth & Best Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kit

This creamy leather shiner restores color and increases water resistance.

Pros: A sponge applicator is included. It’s available in eight colors.

Cons: Some may find it a bit messy to use.

Moneysworth & Best Instant Shoe Shine Cream Kit
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2. Kiwi Express Shine Sponge

This option features a silicone sponge infused with a liquid shiner.

Pros: It comes in a durable, easy-to-use travel pack.

Cons: The shine may not last very long.

Kiwi Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge
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3. Pedag Instant Shine

With this option, you get a silky, wax-impregnated sponge contained in a plastic box.

Pros: The top of the plastic container functions as a handle for convenience.

Cons: Some users may find it a little on the greasy side.

Pedag Instant Shine
CREDIT: Amazon

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