The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women

Cycling shoes are a must for any spin class. While many classes offer them to rent, owning your own pair has many benefits. Not only does it eliminate the gross factor (after all, you’ll be the only one wearing them), but having your own shoes can optimize your performance and ultimately save you money if you’re a frequent spinner.

Before you buy a pair, you’ll want to check with your local studio to see what cleats the bikes are compatible with (cycling shoes typically feature two-hole or three hole systems). The cleats are often sold separately from the shoes themselves, so keep in mind you’ll need to invest in those as well.

To make your shopping easier, we’ve rounded up the best cycling shoes for spin class. As an added bonus, they can work for road or trail rides, too, with the right cleats. Read on to shop them all.

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1. New Balance Women's 09v1 Cycling Shoe

Combining sneaker-like comfort with the performance of a spin shoe, this New Balance style offers support and power transfer to get your legs moving lightning fast.

Pros: Full-length fiberglass plates help promote more efficient cycling. The shoes also feature a breathable mesh upper and antibacterial properties to keep them odor-free. They're compatible with SPD cleats and feature a recessed cleat pocket so you can easily walk on all surfaces off the bike. Unlike many other more traditional styles offered, these feature a roomy toe box so as not to cramp toes. These also come in eight different colors.

Cons: The tongue may have a tendency to slip down during class.

New Balance Women's 09v1 Cycling Shoe

2. Tommaso Pista Women's Cycling Shoes

Perfect for entry level riders, this spin shoe is affordable, super easy to slip on and off and compatible with a range of cleats to fit whatever pedals you ride.

Pros: It features a three-strap system that's easy to adjust and reinforced fiberglass sole for optimal stiffness and power transfer. The style also features ventilated mesh for breathability and a comfortable synthetic leather upper. On top of all that, the shoes are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, Look, and Speedplay cleats.

Cons: These shoes tend to be on the narrow side.

Tommaso Pista Women's Cycling Shoes

3. Giro Techne Women's Cycling Shoe

This style offers a comfortable fit with quick adjustments so you can get moving faster.

Pros: The shoes feature a synthetic upper and easy-to-use three-strap retention system. They also include a universal 3/2 nylon outsole that allows you to mount either 2- or 3-bolt cleats depending on your pedal preference.

Cons: These tend to run small and narrow in the toe box.

Giro Techne Women's Cycling Shoe

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