Repair Stilettos With These High Heel Replacement Tips

Those tiny rubber tips on the bottom of a stiletto heel that pad the metal nail of the heel and help keep you stable, can break off from an unexpected misstep or through wear and tear over time. But there’s no need to throw out a pair if this occurs. Replacement tips and caps can be applied to rebalance any broken heel. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best replacement tips you can buy. These products from brands like GoGoHeel and eMingo are made with high-quality plastic and rubber to create tips that protect heels and help cancel out noise. Read on to shop for them all.

1. Clickless High Heel Caps

Clickless provides plastic/rubber blend covers for heels in seven different sizes, able to fit heel widths of 7mm to 14mm.

Pros: These tapered caps are made to seamlessly blend with your heels.

Cons: Some may wish these come with larger sizes.

clickless heel caps
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2. GoGoHeel Heel Repair Caps

GoGoHeel’s caps instantly repair worn heel tips by covering the exposed metal nail.

Pros: These easily slip onto the heel and come in four different sizes to fit heel widths 7 to 15mm. They’re also available in black and brown and feature a traction pattern for extra grip.

Cons: Some my find these don’t stay on well.

gogoheel caps
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3. EMingo High Heel Replacement Tips

EMingo provides 24 pairs of U-shaped tips with metal pins and taps featuring anti-slip surfaces made from TPU and iron.

Pros: These tips replace the ends of broken heels and help stabilize pumps and stilettos.

Cons: The screw may be too long for certain styles.

emingo heel replacement tips
CREDIT: Amazon


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