The Best Foot Measurement Devices

It’s no secret that in today’s day and age, consumers are turning to the internet to order with the convenience, speed and ease that physical shops can’t offer, and of course, that includes shoes. But when you’re not sure of your exact foot measurements, purchasing the correct size can prove to be a bit tricky.

With that issue in mind, FN rounded up some of the best devices for measuring men’s, women’s and kid’s feet. You shouldn’t have to waste your time returning footwear that doesn’t fit right when you can easily determine what size you need by acquiring one of these handy tools. Read ahead to shop our top picks.

1. Combination Brannock Device

This highly-quality unisex device is made of metal, making it solid-yet-lightweight and durable.

Pros: Hot pink and blue colors help to distinguish the men’s sizes from women’s. This model will measure length and width based on the ball of the foot. It comes with an illustrated instruction pamphlet.

Cons: This won’t work for measuring kids under the age of four.

Combination Brannock Device
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Squatchi Foot Measuring Device

Save yourself the pain from ordering the wrong shoe size for your kids with this bright blue measuring chart.

Pros: Sturdy, lightweight plastic is designed to last as your child’s foot grows and works with most major kids’ shoe manufacturers.

Cons: This device is only for kids ages 12 and under.

Squatchi Foot Measuring Device
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Ritz Stick Foot Measuring Device

This wooden device measures the length and width of men’s, women’s and children’s feet.

Pros: Directions for use are printed on the stick itself. It has an easy-to-use toe slider and heel stop to ensure accurate sizing.

Cons: This isn’t as sturdy as a metal model.

ritz stick Foot Measuring Device
CREDIT: Amazon

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