Best Closet Shoe Racks

Any footwear lover knows there is never enough room in your closet for all your shoes. Shoe racks are an easy space-saving hack those overflowing closets. Stackable shelved racks fit right on the floor of your closet and help keep your favorite footwear styles in order. FN selected a few of our favorite closet shoe racks that you can buy now from brands like Seville Classics and Home-Complete. These racks feature different widths, shapes and heights so you can find the right product that works for your closet.

1. Seville Classics Stackable Shoe Rack

Seville Classics shoe rack is made with a sturdy iron frame that supports up to 30 pounds per shelf for a total of 90 pounds and up to nine pairs of shoes.

Pros: This closet rack is easy to assemble and the stackable design also allows you to keep adding on more racks as your shoe collection grows. The screw-in leveling feet balance the bottom of the rack for uneven or carpeted surfaces.

Cons: Can only fit taller shoes on the top rack.

seville classics shoe rack
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2. Songmics Three-Tier Metal Shoe Rack

The shelves of Songmics shoe rack can be installed either flat or angled to fit your needs. The metal shelves of this rack protect kids’ small shoes from falling and stops heels from sinking and dropping.

Pros: It can hold up to 12 pairs of women’s shoes or nine pairs of men’s shoes.

Cons: Requires assembly.

songmics shoe rack
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3. Home-Complete Shoe Rack

Home-Complete’s shoe rack can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes and is assembled by fastening the rails and stands together without any added tools.

Pros: This easy-to-assemble rack helps declutter the floor of your closet with ease as it can hold all your excessive pairs of shoes.

Cons: The shelves are open so heels may slip through.

home complete shoe rack
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