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Cold weather is notorious for wreaking havoc on your footwear — and can leave you with wet and muddy messes inside your home, too. Boot trays, however, are a great solution. These handy devices are made of waterproof materials and feature raised edges to contain wet weather residue left on shoes. They can also double as gardening trays or storage for your pet’s food bowls. Not all boot trays are created equal, though. Those made with rubber or polypropylene are sturdier than plastic alternatives. Plus, the former options can be used outside as they won’t get brittle in extremely chilly temperatures. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best options on the market you can buy. Bonus: they’re available in various sizes to suit your space.

1. BirdRock Boot Tray

Complete with an ornate pattern at the base, this stylish option offers an elevated take on your traditional rubber boot tray. We also like that it’s particularly long to accommodate at least three pairs of boots and features noticeably tall sides to prevent water from sloshing out.

Pros: The 2-inch-tall sides are great for preventing messes. The style is flexible, so you can step on its sides without having to worry about breaking it.

Cons: This option may be too large for some entryways (it measures 34 inches wide by 14 inches deep).

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2. Stalwart Boot Tray

Stalwart’s boot tray is made entirely of recycled polypropylene, which is fully waterproof to contain stray water and mud. This mat comes in a small, medium and large size — starting at 20 inches wide — to accommodate different spaces.

Pros: 1.3-inch-tall sides help prevent spills. For a fun twist, the base of the tray features a cross-hatch pattern with animal-inspired designs.

Cons: Some users may find the sticker that comes on the base of the mat is difficult to remove.

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3. Ottomanson Boot Tray

Ottomanson’s value-packed boot tray is made with durable polyproylene and comes with 1.2 inch-tall edges to keep your floors clean.

Pros: This tray comes in two different sizes: 15 by 30 inches and 30 by 15 inches.

Cons: Some users may find it slides easily on floors since it’s lightweight.

CREDIT: Amazon

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