The Best Tincture Benzoins

Tincture of Benzoin. Have you heard of it? It’s a natural substance derived from plants called vegetable gums or balsams. The benzoin itself makes up 10% of the solution, of which a tincture of the substance includes aloe, storax and tolu balsam. Some of the benefits of benzoin can mitigate discomfort and irritation on your feet. Some people find relief from common colds by inhaling tincture of benzoin in a stream. Here’s we’ve done the research and selected some of the best tincture of benzoin products on the market.

1. Humco Benzoin Compound Tincture: 2-Oz

To get rid of cuts or speed up the healing process from abrasions on your feet, this option by Humco gets the job done.

Pros: It helps with wound dressing. The solution comes in a 2-oz bottle.

Cons: It doesn’t dry sticky.

benzoin compound, canker sore

2. 3M Tincture of Benzoin Ampules

Use it as a skin protectant for ulcers, bedsores, scrapes, cracked foot skin.

Pros: It’s also an excellent choice to team with wound-closure strip and adhesive bandages to make sure they stay in place. The size and weight is easy enough to pack in your purse or pockets.

Cons: Not super-simple to open.

3. Sunmark Sunmark Benzoin Tincture

This is ideal to help keep bandages secure and eliminate recurring cuts and scrapes.

Pros: It comes in a two-pack at a bargain price.

Cons: This is not as sticky as other products on the market.

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