These Simple Shoe Hacks Take the Pain Out of Wearing High Heels

Most women have a love-hate relationship with heels. On the one hand, they’re beautiful and can make your legs look miles long, yet sky-high stilettos can often cause achy arches, painful blisters and even make existing foot problems like bunions worse. Thankfully, though, there are some handy products on the market that can combat all of these issues so you can comfortably rock your favorite pairs.

Use Moleskin for Blisters

Moleskin is an easy fix for preventing blisters. The heavy cotton, which features an adhesive on the back, can easily be cut and molded to fit areas on the foot that tend to painfully rub against shoes (like around the toes and back of the heel). Plus, it’s more durable than standard bandaids, which tend to bunch or fall off completely after a few hours of walking.

To buy: Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding, $5.

Use Gel Insoles or Cushions for Metatarsal Pain

Due to the slope of heels, downward pressure is concentrated most at the ball of the foot — often causing intense soreness. To help redistribute that pressure and alleviate pain, try a gel insole. (We recommend this highly rated option from Dr. Scholl’s, which features a slim design so as not to make heels feel too tight).

For an even more low-fi option, try special foot pads you can stick inside the sole near the front of the shoe. These can also help reduce bunion pain, as they’ll work to stabilize the foot and prevent toes from getting squished at the front of the shoe. However, it’s important to note that the most surefire way to reverse those painful protrusions is avoiding narrow shoe styles altogether.

To buy: Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles, $8.

To buy: Chambellan High Heel Cushion Inserts, $19.

Use Heel Pads for Shoes That Are Too Big

It can be difficult to find that Cinderella pair of heels. Fit often varies between brands, and if you’re right at the cusp, it’s not uncommon to find a pair you love that isn’t available in half sizes. But all hope is not lost if you’ve purchased a pair that slightly gaps at the heel. Handy heel pads will help fill that space to keep your foot from sliding forward. Plus, they’ll act as an extra barrier against friction that can cause painful blisters.

To buy: Hotop Heel Cushion Pads, $6.

Alleviate Pain With Foot Spray

While this product may seem too good to be true, it’s actually a sworn celebrity and FN editor secret weapon. Called Still Standing Foot Spray, it’s made with a range of herbal anti-inflammatory and pain reliever remedies to provide comfort for up to six hours after a few quick sprays. It’s non-greasy, dries fast and can be used with bare feet or stockings.

To buy: Still Standing Spray, $36.

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