These Airplane Footrests Will Enhance Your Travel Experience

Sitting on an airplane for hours can result in stiff, sore legs and feet, as well as swelling from lack of the good circulation that comes with exercise. Fortunately, footrests made specifically for flying can help reduce fatigue and make your flight more comfortable, so you can land feeling refreshed. To ensure you find the perfect in-flight footrest, we did some research and rounded up a few of our favorite models on the market. There’s a variety of inflatable options as well as ones that attach to the seat in front of you to act as a cozy hammock for your feet. Each of our picks is engineered to be easy to use and convenient for traveling.

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1. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

This footrest simply hangs on the arms of your tray table and features adjustable straps that allow you to get the perfect length.

Pros: It's crafted with thick memory foam and comes with a handy drawstring carrying bag. It's available in black, purple and royal blue.

Cons: Some users may find the straps create stress on the arch of the foot over time.

Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

2. Flypal Inflatable Footrest

This comes with two PVC cushions, one smaller and one bigger, to fit various legroom spaces on planes. They also feature Velcro strips so they can be combined for extra height.

Pros: Sizeable air valves enable manual inflation in minutes and deflation within seconds.

Cons: It may take up too much space for some.

flypal inflatable footrest

3. Visson Inflatable Footrest

This inflatable foot pillow is made with soft PVC. A double valve design lets you blow it up easily without needing an air pump.

Pros: A bag, eye mask and earplugs are included. The height is adjustable.

Cons: This style may be too bulky in plane rows with limited legroom.

visson inflatable foot pillow

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