Best Toe Straighteners

Toe straighteners can work for anyone with bunions or hammer, mallet or claw toes. These gel products separate out the toes and work to help straighten and relieve pain caused from crooked joints caused by medical conditions, injuries or genetics. FN rounded up the best toe straighteners you can buy now from brands like ZenToes and Relax Tony. Made from high quality and medical-grade silicone, these separators aim to bring toes back to their normal alignments. Read on to shop different straighteners and find the right type for you whether it’s needed for nighttime wear or just to keep toes in line during a workout class.


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1. DR JK Original ToePal

This DR JK product comes with two different pairs of ToePals: one pair of loop toe separators and one pair of gel toe stretchers, all made from stretchable and soft gel.

Pros: These spacers help separate out the toes so the toes can straighten, lengthen and find proper alignment. The loop separator is particularly helpful as it stays in place for ballet dancers, yogis and athletes.

Cons: This ToePal is one size fits most feet, so it may be smaller or larger on certain feet.

dr jk toe straightener
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2. Relax Tony Toe Straighteners

Relax Tony’s product is made from latex-free and washable silicone gel.

Pros: These straighteners can be worn barefoot or inside approved footwear to naturally align, strengthen and restore toes normal angle. The material is hypoallergenic as well.

Cons: The brand states that the RelaxTony might be uncomfortable at first.

relax tony toe straightener
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3. ZenToes Toe Straightener

ZenToe’s straightener is crafted with a silicone gel that stretches to fit your foot size.

Pros: This product helps reduce chaffing and pressure between toes by keeping them properly aligned and separated while moving; they can be worn at night or during the day.

Cons: It may fit looser on thin toes.

zentoes toe straightener
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