Lightweight, Breathable Self Adhesive Wraps to Help Feet and Ankles Heal

A good self-adhesive wrap for an ankle or foot injury should be lightweight and porous so the area can breathe, which promotes healing. Ideally, you should also be able to tear the material by hand without needing to reach for scissors. A number of companies sell self-adhering bandages, so to help you find the perfect product, we did some research and rounded up some of our favorite options on the market.

1. Ever Ready First Aid Bandages – 6 ct

Each roll comes in a different color of the rainbow and is made with a durable elastic material that measures 3 inches.

Pros: They come in a pack of six or 12 and the fabric can be torn by hand.

Cons: It’s lightweight.

Ever Ready First Aid Bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

2. MEDca Self Adherent Bandages – 24 ct

These 1-inch rolls are neutral-toned to match the color of skin and they are waterproof.

Pros: They’re offered in a 12 and 24 packs. These are also latex-free.

Cons: Some may find the material a bit thin.

MEDca Self Adherent Bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Hampton Adams Self Adherent Wrap – 14 ct

This 14-pack of bandages features 2-inch rolls with a non-sticky property adhesive and custom weave.

Pros: They’re latex-free and made with hypoallergenic materials.

Hampton Adams Self Adherent Wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

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