Smooth Callused Feet With These Pumice Stones

Want silky smooth feet again? Pumice stones happen to be great for getting get rid of stubborn foot calluses. Plus, they’re typically super easy to use. Simply soak your feet in warm water (with essential oils, if you’re looking for a spa-like experience) until the dry skin has softened, wet the stone and then gently rub it over the callused area to exfoliate. For shopping made simple, we’ve rounded up some of the best pumice stones to consider adding to your beauty regime — from natural lava styles to double-sided options that offer varying levels of coarseness.

Why Trust Our Recommendations:

The pumice stones on our list should only be durable but also easy to store and dry after use.

Read on to shop our picks, and you’ll be whipping out your sandals again in no time.

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1. Love Pumice 2-in-1 Stone

This option includes a ridged, course side to target thick calluses and a flat, less abrasive side for buffing small areas.

Key Features: Made of foam-like material that should be firm yet lightweight. Comes as a pack of four.

Take Note: May not last as long as lava stone styles.

pumice stones, Love Pumice 2-in-1 Stone
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. KuuCare Pumice Stone

This natural lava stone is designed to be an ideal shape and size for handling and applying to calluses on feet.

Key Features: Should be easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Includes an attached rope for hanging.

Take Note: Some may find it to be a bit large.
KuuCare Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone, Pumice Stones

3. Aisilk Brush & Pumice Stone Combo

Complete with a long wooden handle, this multifunctional option should be super easy to use.

Key Features: It also features a brush for cleaning dirty feet and nails. Rope at the end allows for hanging.

Take Note: The bristles may fall out over time.

pumice stone, Aisilk Foot Natural Bristle Brush & Pumice Stone
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

4. Beauty by Earth Pumice Stone

This gritty stone is about the size of an avocado and should be tough, but not too rough on skin.

Key Features: Also comes with a rope cord so you can hang it. Includes natural and lightweight materials.

Take Note: Its rough texture may irritate sensitive feet.

pumice stone, Beauty by Earth pumice stone
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

5. Gilden Tree 2 in 1 Pumice Stone

Complete with a short handle, this style has a grittier side to remove dead skin and a ribbed side for buffing.

Take Note: The terra cotta makeup of this stone makes it super tough, so it shouldn’t fall apart over time.

Take Note: It can break if dropped.

pumice stone, gilden tree 2 in 1 Pumice Stone
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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