Best Pre-Tape Sprays to Prevent Hair Pulling

When you have an ankle or foot injury, athletic tape is a secure way to stay in the game. Because of its strong adhesive nature, though, you don’t want to put it directly on the skin. Pre-tape sprays are a protective layer that you can easily spray on before taping up your sore spots. Used under athletic tape, these sprays create a barrier on the skin. FN rounded up some of our favorite pre-wrap sprays on the market. From aerosol to trigger-point options, they’re designed to be easy to use. They’re also colorless, so they shouldn’t stain your skin or clothes.

1. Cramer Tuf-Skin Base Spray

Cramer Tuf-Skin Taping Base Spray reduces blister causing friction and hot spots as well as minimizes irritation on the skin.

Pros: This colorless spray holds elastic in place so it provides a non-slip base for both pre-wrap and athletic tape. It won’t stain skin or clothes either.

Cons: Could irritate very sensitive skin.

cramer pre-wrap spray
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2. Mueller Pre-Tape Spray

Mueller Pre-Tape spray comes as a 10-ounce aerosol spray that helps secure tapes and wraps.

Pros: This spray provides strong adherence without irritating skin; it creates a sticky surface for pre-wrap to grip onto without slipping or ripping at the skin.

Cons: It can cause skin not covered by tape or pre-wrap to feel sticky if not washed off.

meuller pre-tape spray
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3. Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep Spray

Smith & Nephew Skin-Prep Spray is a medical-grade pre-adhesive spray that blocks the skin from tape stripping and friction.

Pros: It’s designed to be nonirritating for all skin types.

Cons: It might smell upon the first usage.

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