The Best Plantar Wart Removers

If you’ve been experiencing discomfort from irritating and unsightly plantar warts, or growths on the soles of your feet, it’s about time you introduce a topical removal solution into your daily care regime. And for added convenience, there a range of over-the-counter treatments that are quite effective. We’ve compiled some of the best here, including liquid and gel treatments that contain ingredients like salicylic acid to help effectively shrink warts and eventually banish them completely. No matter which formula you choose, simply apply it once in the morning and again before bed to see results in as little as a few weeks.

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1. Evagloss Natural Wart Remover

This natural solution is formulated with premium essential oils as well as powerful wart-removal ingredients like Podophyllum. It gently starts the process of killing growths after just one or two days of use (apply twice a day). After two weeks of regular application, most warts should be eliminated.

Pros: It also protects and prevents further infection outside of affected areas. You simply apply it with Q-tips, which are included, and the thin liquid absorbs right in, drying immediately.

Cons: Some may find it irritates the skin slightly.

evagloss wart remover
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2. DuoFilm Liquid Wart Remover

This topical liquid solution contains 17% salicylic acid, a peeling agent, and castor oil, which moisturizes, reduces inflammation and fights fungus. If you use the product twice daily as needed for up to 12 weeks, warts should diminish entirely.

Pros: It includes 20 cover-up discs that help protect your skin from microbes and dirt as warts heal.

Cons: Some may find this can cause some mild itchiness.

duofilm gel wart remover
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3. Compound W Gel Wart Remover

This wart-removal gel is also composed of 17% salicylic acid to shed the outer layer of skin. And like with the previous product, you should use it twice a day to see results in roughly 12 weeks.

Pros: Its easy-to-use tube applicator makes this an optimal choice for travel.

Cons: It has a strong nail polish-like odor.

compound w wart remover
CREDIT: Amazon
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