Best Pedicure Sets

With tons of quality pedicure sets on the market, there’s no need to shell out a fortune for a salon treatment. In fact, these handy sets typically come with everything you need to buff, smooth and file nails, as well as remove tough calluses and hangnails for clean-looking tips. Sets that come with electric drills typically offer more power and precision, and they can file down hard gel and acrylic polishes. Manual sets may require a little more work on your part, however they’re typically less expensive and easier to transport. To help you find an option that suits your needs, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pedicure sets. They’re all made with top-notch materials and come with a range of tools for a full-on grooming experience.

1. Beurer Manicure & Pedicure Home System

Beurer's pedicure set comes with 10 sapphire-coated attachments and 10 sanding bands for various uses: removing calluses and corns; smoothing, shaping and filing nails; and removing ingrown nails. The attachments come in various sizes to give you precise results.

Pros: The rotation of this style can be set in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion, making it usable for both right and left-handed individuals. Instead of featuring a low and a high-speed setting, this option's settings can be fine-tuned to suit your preference. It also includes an LED light for better visibility, as well as a dust shield to help reduce mess. The coil cord offers up to 10 feet of extension and is designed to neatly packs away into the provided case. This style also offers a wide handle and cushioned grip for convenient use.

Cons: Some may find the longer cord to be awkward.

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2. Esarora Pedicure Kit

This set comes with 18 stainless steel tools for foot and facial care, as well as a compact PU leather carrying case for easy transport.

Pros: The tools include: one large and two smaller nail clippers for trimming nails of different sizes and thicknesses, a cuticle nipper, nail file, dead skin fork, three callus removers, a nail cleaning knife for removing dirt under nails, a push-type broach for scraping off polish, two ear picks, two pairs of scissors, tweezers and two acne tools for removing blackheads. 

Cons: Some users may find the case isn't that sturdy.

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3. Pure Enrichment PureNails Manicure and Pedicure Kit

This set includes seven sapphire-coated nail bits that can buff, polish, file and smooth, as well as remove corns, calluses and excess cuticles.

Pros: The electric nail file also has clockwise and counterclockwise rotational abilities, an LED light and coiled cord charger for neat storage. The set comes with a handy hard case and a five-year warranty to cover any potential damages.

Cons: It only comes with two speed settings: a low setting for grooming nails and a high setting for smoothing calluses.

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