The Best Nail Files for a Smooth Finish

Proper nail prep is key to making your manicure pop. For professional results in your very own home, try a glass nail file. Unlike emery boards and metal files, glass options can file in both directions and help seal the natural keratin layers at the nail’s edge to prevent splitting, chipping, peeling and more. They’re also corrosion-resistant, so they’re likely to last longer. That said, stainless steel and emery board files will also get the job done and are generally on the more wallet-friendly side. Here, we included a selection of both for you to choose from.


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1. Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail File

These feature a medium grit across the entire file for sleek filing in any direction, as well as a pointed tip for cleaning out dirt under nails. They also come in a selection of vibrant ombré hues for those who like their essentials to be cute, too.

Pros: They come with a handy case for keeping the nail file protected.

Cons: Some users may prefer a style that’s wider across.

Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail File
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Nail Files

Complete with a large nail file and two smaller styles with pointed tips, this set allows you to buff and clean your nails for a full manicure treatment.

Pros: These are super durable. The grit gets finer towards the tip for even more precision. The smaller styles are especially handy for keeping in your makeup bag on the go. Each nail file comes with a lifetime guarantee to cover any damages or defects.

Cons: The velvet case included may not be as protective as harder alternatives.

Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Nail Files
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Makartt Nail Files

These round-edge files are made with durable, flexible emery boards and feature a fine side for natural nails and a coarse side for artificial nails.

Pros: You can choose from different grit sizes. A single package contains 10 files.

Cons: Some may find them too rough.

Makartt nail files
CREDIT: Amazon

4. 3 Swords Germany File

This stainless steel file has a sharp tip for cleaning out debris and two sides.

Pros: It comes with a plastic cover and is designed to fit right in your pocket.

Cons: Some may find it to be too tiny.

3 Swords Germany File
CREDIT: Amazon

5. HeeYaa Nail Files

This set also has rounded edges and 100/180 grit that allows you to file your nails without damaging them.

Pros: These are also made using strong emory boards and adhesive tape. You get 10 files per package.

Cons: Some users may find them to be a bit short.

HeeYaa Nail Files
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Werony Glass File

This pink ombré file is constructed from premium tempered glass with an abrasive surface that won’t become dull.

Pros: It comes in a convenient plastic case. It has a sharp tip to clean underneath your nails.

Cons: Some may wish it was better for shaping.

Werony glass nail file
CREDIT: Amazon

7. Ifunson Nail Files

This set includes 10 emery board files with 150/150 grit.

Pros: They come in an array of colorful designs kids will enjoy.

Cons: Some may find them too coarse for natural nails.

nail files
CREDIT: Amazon
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