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Good nail clippers that are easy to handle and cut with precision can actually be hard to come by. They can be made with flimsy sheets of stainless steel that flex easily, or carbon steel, which tends to dull quickly and rust over time. That’s why we’ve rounded up a range of sturdy stainless steel options made to be sharp and can cut cleanly through nails and toenails. We’ve even included options to suit different needs, whether you’re combatting tough tips or need a handy option on the go when you experience an annoying hangnail.

1. Harperton Clipper Set

Made from high-grade stainless steel, the fingernail and toenail clippers in this duo have curved blades that offer a precise cut and help reduce the chances of ingrown nails.

Pros: They also feature an ergonomic, reinforced handle design that allows for a controlled grip.

Cons: The opening of the blade may be somewhat narrow.

harperton nail clipper set
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2. Fixbody Clipper Set

These clippers feature zinc-alloy stainless steel blades and an anti-slip lever. You get a big toenail clipper with a straight-edge blade and a smaller pair featuring a curved blade for fingernails.

Pros: This set also includes a sharp-tip file to smooth jagged edges and remove dirt. It comes in a leather case.

Cons: They may feel a bit small for some.

fixbody nail clipper set
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3. GoBetter Clipper Set

This set includes two trimmers, one with a straight-edge blade and another with a curved blade. Both feature a sleek black matte design that's durable with a built-in file on the back of the lever.

Pros: The ergonomic lever is crafted for an easy grip. It comes in a black leather pouch with secure zippers.

Cons: Some may find they feel a tad flimsy.

GoBetter Nail Clippers Set
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4. Kohm Toenail Clippers

This pair is constructed from lightweight alloy-coated stainless steel and features an extra-wide jaw opening. Meanwhile, a lever design reduces the pressure needed to achieve a good clip.

Pros: The curved blades can open up to 15 millimeters wide. The handle offers a perfect place to put your thumb.

Cons: Some may find the curve to be slightly exaggerated.

kohm wide jaw toenail clippers
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5. Hawatour Clipper Set

These clippers have a baked enamel finish with an anti-slip handle and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. The larger pair has straight edges while the smaller clippers feature a curved-edge design.

Pros: There is a built-in nail file on the back. This set comes in a yellow tin case for easy storage.

Cons: Some users may find the grip could be better.

Hawatour Clipper Set
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6. Seki Edge Clippers

This style features a tempered stainless steel blade with curved edges, a 10-millimeter-wide jaw width and an opening height of 2 millimeters.

Pros: The zinc alloy die-cast lever has ridges and a thumb indentation that delivers an optimal grip.

Cons: Some may find them a tad big.

Seki Edge Clippers
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7. Bestope Clipper Set

Each clipper in this set is made of sturdy zinc-alloy stainless steel and is equipped with an anti-slip ergonomic lever and sharp, curved blades for precise trimming.

Pros: They also come in a sleek matte black option and include a handy storage bag.

Cons: Some may find they need to file after using these.

Bestope Clipper Set
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