Best Nail Brushes to Keep Fingertips Clean

Adding a nail brush to your lineup is a great way to amp up your nail care routine. These handy tools help sweep away dirt and grime from underneath nails, and they can even be used to exfoliate skin on your hands. Those that feature a set of larger bristles can also work on other areas of the body like the legs and back. To help you find one that fits your needs, we’ve rounded up a range of top-performing styles on the market. As a rule of thumb, wooden nail brushes are typically the most durable, but plastic styles can make a solid alternative. And the best ones are ergonomically designed to ensure a firm hold.

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1. Konex Nail Brush

This brush features a larger side with variable-length fiber bristles designed for hand scrubbing and a narrower side with stiffer bristles that are all the same length for cleaning under nails.

Pros: The lightweight, non-slip molded wooden handle provides a comfortable grip.

Cons: Some may prefer slightly softer bristles.

Konex Nail Brush
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

2. Hupos Nail Brush Set

This option includes four brightly colored brushes rendered from sturdy plastic. The bristles are also made of durable, flexible plastic, making them slightly softer than fiber styles.

Pros: The handle is ergonomically designed for easy use and can be hung from a hook.

Cons: Some may find the bristles a bit flimsy.

nail brush set of four
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

3. Tweezerman Nail Brush

This dual-sided model is also constructed with smooth plastic and features soft nylon bristles for the tops of nails and hands, as well as shorter, stiffer bristles for cleaning under nails.

Pros: The oval-shaped design makes this nail brush comfortable to hold and easy to control.

Cons: It may be a bit flimsy.

Tweezerman Nail Brush
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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