The Best Muscle Roller Sticks for Muscle Pain and Recovery

If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, stiffness or discomfort before and after workouts, we might have an easy solution that will help. Many athletes, including the USA Cycling Team, have found using roller sticks to massage irritated areas to be a very effective way of managing trigger points. Roller sticks can stretch out tight muscles everywhere on the body, including backs, legs, feet, neck and more. They also aim to prevent injuries and improve tissue recovery. To help you find the right one for you, FN rounded up a selection of the top models constructed from hard plastic and wood.

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1. The Stick Travel Stick

This compact, 18.2-inch tool is made of “space-age” plastic that promotes flexibility and offers maximum compression. While the red handles on the end provide a comfortable grip, the stick’s central rod is surrounded by eight therapeutic spindles that roll independently over each muscle.

Pros: The Stick is made to last a lifetime with proper care and can be used on most muscle groups. Its size makes it very lightweight and easy to store.

Cons: This model may not be the best for rolling out deeper muscles.

the stick the travel stick
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2. Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Massage Stick

While this wood roller stick doesn’t offer as much give as other styles, it’s still great for working certain easier to reach areas with curve, like calves.

Pros: Non-slip grip handles make it easy to apply the perfect amount of pressure. This is small enough to fit in your gym bag.

Cons: Some may prefer a style with more flexibility, which helps the roller come in contact with more parts of the body.

Supremus Sports Muscle Roller Massage Stick
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3. Gaiam Restore Massage Stick

This handheld roller is 18 inches long and features three balls featuring specially designed spiked nodules for a deeper massage.

Pros: Ergonomic grip handles on both ends enhance comfort and control.

Cons: Some may find it slightly rough on the skin.

Gaiam Restore Massage Stick
CREDIT: Amazon

4. IDSON Muscle Roller Stick

This stick comes with molded, unbending plastic and nine spindles that roll independently, relieving deep tissue pain. Meanwhile, rubber handles offer a comfortable ergonomic grip.

Pros: Industrial-strength materials make this model durable.

Cons: Some users may want more flexibility.

IDSON Muscle Roller Stick
CREDIT: Amazon

5. Tiger Tail Massage Stick

This stick features a foam-cushioned rolling surface and comfortable, soft ribbed rubber grip handles with an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue in your fingers and hands.

Pros: It comes in an 18-inch version as well as a longer 22-inch style and an 11-inch option. This also includes a three-year warranty.

Cons: Some may prefer it was a bit softer.

Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Reehut Muscle Roller Stick

This 18-inch stick features 9 ABS independent rollers on a reinforced steel rod core and thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene handles that allow for solid grip.

Pros: It comes in 3 colors to choose from: blue, black and green.

Cons: The plastic may feel a bit hard for some.

Reehut Muscle Roller Stick
CREDIT: Amazon

7. The Fitness Room Massage Stick

This one is also made with nine myofascial trigger point plastic beads and easy-to-grip rubber handles.

Pros: It’s only 17.5 inches long, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Cons: It may be a bit rigid.

the fitness room massage stick
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