The Best Ball of Foot Cushions to Keep You Comfy in High Heels

Due to downward pressure caused by the sloping shape of a high heel, pain in the ball of the foot is one of the most common complaints people have when wearing these lofty styles. To help absorb shock in this area, try placing a metatarsal pad in the front of the shoe. These can also help reduce soreness from bunions, as they’ll work to stabilize the foot and prevent toes from getting squished in the toe box.

While perfect for pumps, these cushions are also discreet enough to be worn in sandals without peeking through. Below, shop our ultimate guide to the best ball of foot cushions you can buy now.

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1. Walkize Metatarsal Pads

These cloth-covered pads feature plush padding and a design shaped to mold specifically to each foot.

Pros: Left and right foot pads have a slightly different design for an ultra-comfortable fit. Feature strong adhesive. Made with soft cloth for a comfortable feeling. Include anti-slip technology to prevent foot from slipping.

Cons: Edges may peak through in certain shoe style. Padding is voluminous, but does tend to flatten over time.

Walkize Metatarsal Pads

2. Ballotte Shoe Inserts

This ultra-slim insert goes on nearly invisible to provide discreet, long-lasting comfort.

Pros: Doesn’t create added bulk upon first use. Made of a medical grade PU gel to provide relief for blisters, corns and calluses. Features anti-slip technology to keep feet from sliding in the shoe. Wipes clean. Pack comes with an extra pair of inserts.

Cons: May not easily fit in more narrow styles.

Ballotte Shoe Inserts

3. Brison Ball of Foot Cushions

These eco-friendly gel inserts can be placed at the ball of the foot or under the heel for versatile pain relief.

Pros: Made to help relieve plantar fascia, callus and bunion pain. Easy to clean and reusable. Package comes with three pairs.

Cons: Thickness of pads may be underwhelming.

Brison Ball of Foot Cushions

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