Protect Skin With These Dressing Pads

Heel and lace pads are used under athletic tape or wraps to protect cuts and prevent blisters in friction-prone areas like the back of the heels. Good ones should be soft against the skin, absorbent and won’t stick to wounds, which can cause further irritation and extend the time it takes to heal. In the interest of ensuring you find the best product for your money, we did our research and rounded up some of the best nonadhesive dressing pads on the market. Each of our picks is designed to minimize rubbing and will make a great addition to your first aid kit at home or on the go.

1. Curad Dressing Pads

These sterile lightweight pads are made of a soft, porous rayon-poly blend. They’re also latex-free.

Pros: A perforated film allows air to circulate. These come as pack of 100. Each pad is individually wrapped.

Cons: Some users may find them a tad thin.

Curad Sterile Non-Adherent Pads
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2. Cramer Heel and Lace Pads

These small foam pads with ventilation holes prevent the skin from pinching or blistering.

Pros: They come in a convenient snap-off roll that allows for easy dispensing when only one hand is available.

Cons: They contain latex.

Cramer Heel & Lace Pads Box of 2000
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3. Mueller Heel and Lace Pads

These pads are also constructed from cellular plastic foam and come in a user-friendly snap-off roll.

Pros: They feature a lubricating ointment to accelerate healing. They come as a pack of 1,000 pads.

Cons: These also contain latex.

Mueller Heel & Lace Pads
CREDIT: Amazon

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