Best Heel Cushions for All-Day Comfort

There are few worse feelings than wearing shoes that rub, chafe and cause blisters. Thankfully, heel pads are an easy solution, so you don’t have to ditch your favorite shoes for good. These handy pads stick to the back of footwear to reduce friction between the back of your heel and the shoe. What’s more, they’re also great for filling gaps in the back of shoes that are slightly too big. To help you find the most effective heel cushions, we’ve rounded up top options on the market. They’re all made with soft materials, solid grips and come with multiple pairs to give you more bang for your buck.

1. Yilancol Heel Cushion Inserts

These are made with strong self-adhesives and can be washed for repeated use.

Pros: They’re made with a super soft velvet material. These come as a pack of three pairs and in black, beige and clear gel to match different shoe tones.

Cons: The adhesive may pull at the lining of shoes when you remove the pad since it’s quite strong.

Yilancol Heel Cushion Inserts
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2. Hotop Heel Cushion Pads

These cushions are made of cushy sponge for added comfort. They’re also available in a wide range of neutral tones to suit different skin tones and footwear.

Pros: These come as a pack of three pairs.

Cons: These may not be as grippy as other options.

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3. Pedag Heel Grip

Pedag’s heel cushions, crafted in Germany, are made with supple leather and a grippy adhesive to help prevent slippage.

Pros: These come as a pack of five pairs.

Cons: These may be hard to remove from shoes. Some users may these are too thin to make shoes a half-size smaller, unless stacked on top of each other.

Pedag Heel Grip
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