Best Heated Footrests

After a long day, there’s nothing quite like finally getting to put your feet up on a footrest. Heated footrests take that feeling of relief to the next level. Sound enticing? We’ve done the legwork for you and selected some of the top heated footrests you can buy. These products from brands like iDoDo and Fellowes are designed to heat up fast and feature added benefits like massage functions and cooling fan settings to keep you comfortable. Some even include adjustable heights to promote better posture, whether you’ll be using your unit while sitting at a desk or on your couch at home.

1. IDoDo Heated Massaging Foot Rest

This wide-surfaced footrest is equipped with 18 rotating nodes to knead specific pressure points in the foot as it heats and warms the muscles. It’s designed to heat up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros: It also offers breathable fabric to prevent your feet from getting sweaty, as well a cooling layer for quick cool down once you turn off the device. It has a handy on-off function.

Cons: This rest is not meant to be stood on.

idodo foot rest
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2. Cozy Heated Foot Warmer

This footrest comes with three adjustable positions to accommodate sitting and standing positions.

Pros: It comes with a 105-watt heater for noticeably toasty effects.

Cons: This heater does not come with an automatic turn-off function.

cozy foot rest
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3. Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

Fellowes footrest doubles as a climate controller with three adjustable settings: cool fan, low heat, and high heat. The gust of air can also help keep your ankles and legs cool or warm, depending on your temperature preference.

Pros: Surface bumps are engineered to massage feet. The platform offers angle adjustability and two platform height settings to help relieve lower back pressure and improve posture. The unit comes with an auto-off feature turns unit off after eight hours of use to prevent overheating

Cons: The fan makes a low humming noise.

fellowes foot rest
CREDIT: Amazon

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