These Hammertoe Straighteners Are Made to Promote Proper Alignment

Hammertoes occur when there is an imbalance in the tendons, muscles or ligaments that work to straighten your toes, giving them an abnormal bend or curve. The condition can occur from wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or as a result of certain foot injuries. If you have hammertoes and would like to get your feet back on track, look no further. We’ve rounded up some hammertoe straighteners that are designed to gradually realign and protect misshapen toes. They can be worn on their own or even under shoes to keep your toes from bending or chafing while you’re trying to heal your hammertoes.

1. ZenToes Hammer Toe Straightener

Complete with a flexible gel splint, ZenToes’ straightener should keep toes properly aligned while you move.

Pros: Medical-grade silicone offers a flexible fit and is made to help reduce rubbing and pressure between toes.

Cons: These may be tighter on bigger feet/toes.

zen toes hammer toe split
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2. FeetsEase Toe Separators

Made with five independent compartments for each individual toe and ball of pad cushioning, these help keep toes in place and the foot padded for extra comfort while walking.

Pros: These straighteners slip onto the front of the foot and stretch to stay in place thanks to medical-grade silica gel. The padding under the ball of the foot includes cellular air vents for aeration.

Cons: These may slip or not sit right on skinnier toes/feet.

feetease hammer toe corrector
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3. ViveSole Toe Splint

ViveSole’s toe splint has a dual foam base layer that provides cushioned support and works to gently encourages proper toe alignment and separate the toes.

Pros: These are best worn on the second toe; the toe loop stretches easily to fit you.

Cons: Only shoes with a roomy toe box will accommodate these.

vivesole hammer toe corrector
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