The Best Hammertoe Cushions and Pads

Hammer toes occur when the middle joint of your toe bends upward, causing the tip of your toe to turn downward, thus, making them look something like little hammers. People with this condition sometimes develop ulcerations due to the friction and pressure caused by shoes. Fortunately, there are special cushions and pads available to help relieve the pressure on toe tips that can cause blisters as well as reduce the ball-of-foot pain commonly associated with hammer toes. To help ensure you find the right product for your needs, we did some research and rounded up a few of our favorite options on the market. They’re equipped with materials like cushy gel and felt and are adjustable or stretchy to give you the ideal fit.

1. NatraCure Gel Hammer Toe Crest Pads

These feature SmartGel construction, which slowly releases mineral oil, vitamins and aloe vera to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.

Pros: These are washable, reusable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. They can be used on the right or left foot.

Cons: Some users may prefer it was a tad thicker.

NatraCure Gel Hammer Toe Crest Pads
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2. PediFix Hammer Toe Cushion

These large pads are covered with soft felt and have adjustable toe loops that secure the cushion comfortably in place.

Pros: They can be easily washed are designed to be worn inside shoes, too.

Cons: The cushions may move slightly when hiking on rough terrain.

PediFix Hammer Toe Cushion
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3. Dr. Frederick’s Original Hammer Toe Cushions

The cushions are made of a soft, flexible thermoplastic elastomer that stretches and is easy to clean.

Pros: They’re also washable, reusable and fit most toes. You can wear them on your right or left foot.

Cons: Some may find these pads could be thinner.

Dr. Frederick’s Original Hammer Toe Cushions
CREDIT: Amazon

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