The Best Foot Soaks With Ginger for Soothing Tired Feet

If you’re an athlete or simply spend a lot of time on your feet, soaking your feet in a warm bath infused with ginger could help minimize foot fatigue. Ginger, a flowering plant that originates from China, is an anti-inflammatory with a variety of health benefits. In addition to helping with nausea, some holistic wellness devotees believe they can help treat joint stiffness and fight against exercise-induced muscle pain. To ensure you find the best ginger bath soak for your money, FN did some research and rounded up a few of the top options on the market. Our selection includes Epsom salts and a powder formula all featuring ginger essential oils.

1. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak with Ginger & Clay

This soaking solution from Dr. Teal’s contains pure Epsom salt, ginger root oil and clay to remove built-up toxins and cleanse the body.

Pros: The formula is also designed to nourish the skin. It has a soothing scent that isn’t too overpowering.

Cons: Some may find they’d like more suds.

Dr Teal's Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, Detoxify & Energize with Ginger & Clay
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2. Islandoffer 6 Favors of Foot Reflexology

This foot bath powder with ginger, Chinese herbs, saffron, wormwood and ginseng is formulated to help relieve aches and pains.

Pros: Each box comes with 20 packets.

Cons: The bags may be a tad hard to separate.


islandoffer 6 Favors of Foot Reflexology
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3. Better Bath Better Body Ginger & Lemon Detox Bath Salt

This detox bath soak mixes pure Epsom salt with therapeutic ginger and lemon essential oils.

Pros: Vitamin C crystals help purify your bath water by neutralizing the chlorine and ammonia. The salts come in a packet with an easy press-lock seal.

Cons: It may leave behind an oily residue.

better bath better body detox bath salt with ginger and lemon
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