The Best Gauze Rolls That Let Your Skin Breathe

Gauze helps keep wounds protected from dirt and bacteria that can cause infections while your skin is trying to heal. The best kinds of gauze should be soft to the touch and stretchy, but they should also durable enough to hold up. After all, the last thing you want when you’re trying to recover from a foot injury is scratchy gauze that’s falling apart or constantly unwrapping. It’s also important to choose a gauze that’s breathable to prevent any sweat buildup. Considering all this, we rounded up some great options you can buy. Each of our picks is latex-free and engineered with optimal comfort in mind.

1. D&H Medical Gauze Rolls

These self-adhering gauze rolls are made of soft, stretchy cotton with a strong micro weave texture.

Pros: The material is designed to be easily unwrapped. You get 24 rolls.

Cons: It might be somewhat thin.

D&H Medical 24 Bulk Pack Gauze
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2. FlexTrek Gauze Rolls

These nonstick bandage wraps have an open-weave cotton design that provides excellent absorbency and breathability.

Pros: You get 36 rolls per pack.

Cons: Some may also find this a bit thin.

FlexTrek Gauze Rolls
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3. California Basics Gauze Rolls

This gauze is rendered from a soft, pliable and absorbent material with a micro-weave texture that allows for proper ventilation.

Pros: You get 24 rolls. It includes medical tape for convenient application.

Cons: Some users may find it a little flimsy.

California Basics Gauze Rolls
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4. Swiss Safe Gauze Rolls

Unlike the other rolls on our list that offer 4 yards of gauze, these rolls are 8 yards long. These feature a soft, breathable blend of cotton and viscose for increased permeability, elasticity and tensile strength.

Pros: These are available in a pack of six, 12 and 24.

Cons: It may start to dry out your skin.

Swiss Safe Gauze Rolls
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5. Mighty-X Gauze Rolls

These bandages are also crafted from highly breathable, elastic cotton with a micro weave designed to provide the perfect level of compression.

Pros: This option also includes medical tape and comes with 24 rolls.

Cons: It may be a tad thick for some.

Mighty-X Gauze Rolls
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6. General Medi Gauze

This gauze is made of stretchy, porous cotton that's lightweight and allows for ideal ventilation.

Pros: This pick comes with scissors and medical tape. You get 24 rolls.

Cons: Some may find it could stay on better.

General Medi gauze
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7. Dealmed Gauze

These self-adhering gauze rolls are made of soft, lightweight polyester for extra strength and durability.

Pros: There are 12 rolls to a package. These are offered in a variety of lengths and multipack options.

Cons: Some may find them a bit thin.

Dealmed Gauze
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