Treat Your Feet to Some R&R With These Foot Spas

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your feet, you may want to consider investing in a relaxing at-home foot spa. Soaking feet in warm water is a great way to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Foot spas go one step further as they’re equipped with massaging technologies to give you a salon-like experience in your own home. Our guide here is meant to help you find a machine worth investing in. These options should be easy to use and include special features like bubbles, rolling functions and raised numbs underfoot to relieve aches and target pressure points.

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1. Ivation Foot Spa

This model has an advanced LED display that controls the heat, bubbles and vibration. It also features two built-in motorized rollers, as well as a pumice stone and brush attachment for removing dead skin on feet.

Pros: It's designed to warm the water to 122 degrees Farenheit in just minutes. It features a carry handle for easy transportation.

Cons: It's on the more expensive end.

Ivation Foot Spa

2. Kendal Foot Spa

This foot spa features a PTC heating semiconductor and has three modes that control the heat therapy, oxygen bubbles and vibration massage.

Pros: The outside of the machine is equipped with four anti-slip rubber feet. It comes with two removable massage rollers for soothing sore heels and arches.

Cons: It may be too small for men with bigger feet.

Kendal Foot spa

3. Conair Foot Spa

This product has an easy toe-touch control design and a deep reservoir to fully immerse your feet.

Pros: A massage attachment and vibrating nodes on the guard and base are made to provide a deep, full-foot massage. The unit should maintain the temperature of the water and features removable rollers so you can control the massage intensity. It comes in several colors.

Cons: This one won't heat the water, but it will maintain the temperature.

Conair Foot Spa

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