Treat Your Feet to Some R&R With These Foot Spas

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your feet, you may want to consider investing in a relaxing at-home foot spa. Soaking feet in warm water is a great way to release tension and soothe sore muscles. Foot spas go one step further as they’re equipped with massaging technologies to give you a salon-like experience in your own home. Our guide here is meant to help you find a machine that’s perfect for your needs. Ideal options include special features like bubbles, rollers and raised massaging nodes to relieve aches and target pressure points.

1. Turejo Foot Spa

This foot spa features six motorized massage rollers and infrared lighting. It's big enough to fit up to a men's size 15 foot.

Pros: It has three massage modes. A rotating pumice stone helps exfoliate tough calluses. Heat dissipation at the bottom offers protection. It comes with a portable handle and drains automatically.

Cons: Some users may wish the automatic rollers were bigger.

Turejo Foot Spa
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2. MaxKare Foot Spa

This model is also equipped with four removable massage rollers that are designed to target acupressure points.

Pros: The size of the bath can fit up to a men's size 15. Nonslip rubber at the bottom keeps the spa stable.

Cons: Some may prefer the rollers were motorized.

MaxKare Foot Spa
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3. Acevivi Foot Spa

In addition to electric rolling sticks that massage your arches, it also comes with an infrared light for soothing effects and an autorotating pumice stone for exfoliation.

Pros: The style includes an automatic drain system and portable handle for easy cleanup.

Cons: Only comes in black or brown.

Acevivi Foot Spa
CREDIT: Amazon

4. Renpho Foot Spa

This foot bath features six automatic massage rollers and warms water quickly. It also includes leakage protection.

Pros: This has three massage modes as well as an infrared light. It has a handle and cover.

Cons: Some may wish the cord was a tad longer.

renpho foot bath
CREDIT: Amazon

5. HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

This option features convenient controls that allow you to adjust the jet and temperature with your toes and raised massaging nodes.

Pros: This one also includes a pumice stone for exfoliation.

Cons: Some may wish the bubbles were stronger.

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Guisee Foot Spa

This has a heater, automatic rollers and an infrared light. It features three power settings, so you can save energy on a lower setting when you don't need a high power massage.

Pros: It also features technology designed to prevent the unit from overheating, and comes with a carrying handle and an auto-draining system. It can comfortably fit up to a men's size 14 foot.

Cons: Some may prefer the bubbles were more powerful.

Guisee Foot Spa
CREDIT: Amazon

7. ArtNaturals Foot Spa

This bath is also designed with an infrared light, rapid heating tech and massage rollers.

Pros: It has a portable handle for easy carrying.

Cons: The rollers don't move on their own.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa
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