Best Foot Massage Rollers

Foot pain can radiate through your whole body, affecting your every step. Whether it’s tight muscles from running or inflammation from conditions like plantar fasciitis, you’re going to want to have a foot massage roller handy. These massagers come in different shapes and sizes, but they all work to relieve tight muscles and foot pain. FN selected a collection of great foot massage rollers you can buy now. From brands like TheraFlow, HealPT and more, these rollers feature helpful touches like acupressure technology or curved designs to help you find relief.

1. TheraFlow dual foot massage roller

TheraFlow dual foot massage roller has two sides of five rolling rows of massagers for full-foot relief.

Pros: This massager allows you to massage both feet at the same time; the arched design is made to match the natural curve of your foot and the ridges and nubs press into your feet for trigger point stimulation.

Cons: May be too curved for feet with no arch.

theraflow foot massage roller
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2. Ryson foot roller massager

Ryson rolling foot roller massager uses nontoxic washable and durable TPR and PVC material to create their roller and included massage balls.

Pros: This roller is covered in small spikes for acupressure relief that treats muscle spasms and tight, knotted muscle as well as pain and pressure.

Cons: Spikes may irritate anyone with sensitive feet.

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3. HealPT foot massage roller

HealPT ‘s set comes with a spiked call and wooden foot massage roller that’s ribbed to target pressure points.

Pros: This 8-inch-long roller will span the whole width of your foot for all-over use. The curved shape is designed to roll along the natural arch of your feet.

Cons: Some users ay find the rings on the roller fall off somewhat easily.

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