Best Foot Elevation Pillows

Doctors may recommend keeping the leg and foot elevated to help improve circulation or reduce swelling and pain after surgery. This practice is also beneficial for anyone who experiences excess water retention, including pregnant women. Foot elevation pillows are a convenient option to help you keep your legs above your heart for maximum healing benefits. These pillows come in different shapes and sizes, from single-leg elevators to larger wedged cushions to accommodate both feet. These are typically made of memory foam, but they should provide firm enough support so your leg doesn’t sink in. The best kinds should also feature soft outer materials like cotton or eco-friendly bamboo for proper comfort. It’s even better if the pillow comes with a removable cover that you can easily throw in the wash. With all this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best foot elevation pillows you can buy.

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1. DMI Ortho Wedge Elevated Pillow

This pillow is 20 inches wide (21.5 inches with the tallest version) to fit both legs. It’s also made with high-density foam for firm support.

Pros: It comes in three different heights (6, 8 and 10 inches) with either 40 or 50 degrees of elevation so you can get the right amount of elevation to fit your needs.  The cover is removable and machine washable.

Cons: Firm material can be stiff for sore calves.

dmi foot elevation pillow
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2. Restorology Elevating Pillow

This style is made with premium quality foam and a layer of memory foam on top designed to contour to the shape of your legs. It’s dense enough so that it shouldn’t sink under your body weight and offers 45 degrees of elevation.

Pros: The wide 16-inch platform design accommodates both legs to help with swelling, varicose veins and more. It also features a breathable, microfiber cover that’s removable.

Cons: May feel stiff to some.

restorology wedge pillow
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3. InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

InteVision’s pillow features a layer of memory foam on top of a firm foam base for comfortable support. It’s 21 inches wide on the platform, so can easily support both legs.

Pros: It also features a removable bamboo cover that’s gentle on skin and naturally fights odors.

Cons: This pillow might be too firm for some tastes.

intevision wedge pillow
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4. LightEase Memory Foam Post-Surgery Elevated Pillow

This pillow features a concave slot to keep your injured foot in place and enhance comfort. It offers a 45-degree incline to improve circulation and relieve pain and swelling.

Pros: It’s made entirely of supportive memory foam and features a washable cover. It also features a side handle, making it easy to reposition and carry.

Cons: It arrives compressed, so leave out before use.


5. Xtra-Comfort Leg Elevation Pillow

Like the second style on our list, this one features a 45-degree angle incline to elevate your feet above your heart.

Pros: A layer of gel-infused memory form and a wide 16-inch base offer softness and support. It also features a removable cover.

Cons: The angle may be steep for short legs.


6. Cushy Foam Elevation Pillow

This pillow features a memory foam design and a washable, removable cover.

Pros: It supports your legs, knees and ankles to reduce swelling and improve blood flow to decrease back pain.

Cons: It can be stiff for sore joints.


7. Zen Bamboo Elevating Pillow

This dense foam pillow offers a 45-degree incline and wide 16.5-inch base to support both legs.

Pros: Its removable cover is made with soft microfiber and moisture-wicking bamboo.

Cons: On the narrower side.


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