The Best Flexiwraps That Are Easy to Use

Plastic medical wrap is a good investment for athletes or anyone who engages in intense physical activity. Wrapping injured areas with clear plastic film, also known as flexiwrap, to hold ice packs in place is incredibly common in high-impact sports. The compression it provides can also help loosen tight muscles before a training session and soothe aches afterward. To help you find the best product, we rounded up some of the best options you can buy. They’re all made to be durable and easy to use.

1. Cramer Products Flexi-Wrap

This option includes six rolls that each contain 650 feet of .75mm self-adhering plastic film.

Pros: A patented, built-in handle brake on the roller makes tearing the film easier.

Cons: The handle may not spin properly if it gets wet.

Cramer Products Flexi-wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Mueller EZ-Wrap

This single roll features 1,000 feet of strong plastic wrap

Pros: It's also easy to apply thanks to a sturdy handle.

Cons: Some users may find it's not as sticky as others.

Mueller EZ-Wrap
CREDIT: Amazon


3. SealSkin Wrap

You get 50 feet of plastic non-adhesive dressing wrap that's waterproof.

Pros: The breathable material will allow air to circulate, but not liquids.

Cons: Some may find it a bit small.

sealskin medical wrap
CREDIT: Amazon

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