The Best First Aid Kits for All Occasions

Whether you’re hanging around the house, out on a camping trip or simply running an errand, a foot injury can happen anywhere. First aid kits contain the essential items you need to treat scrapes, burns, sprains and more minor injuries. You can easily store these kits for safekeeping in a car, home or travel bag to be prepared for an emergency. Products in first aid kits can include gauze pads and bandages for wounds as well as ice packs and medical tape for conditions like a twisted ankle or a sprain. We rounded up the best kits you can buy now that will have you covered for unexpected foot injuries and more.

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1. First Aid Only First Aid Kit

The kit includes 299 pieces, plus one compact fabric holding case with clear pockets.

Pros: The supplies are best for treating common pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes and burns that may occur around the house. The small size fits well in drawers and cubbies.

Cons: Bandages and products may contain latex.

first aid only first aid kit

2. Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

Swiss Safe's premium first aid emergency kit comes with 120 items made with the highest quality FDA-approved materials.

Pros: It also comes with a compact first aid kit featuring 32 items, including gauze, a-tips, tape and safety pins, for on the go treatment.

Cons: Sterile items expire after three to five years.

swiss safe first aid kit

3. M2 Basics First Aid Kit

M2 Basics's 300-piece set includes 40 unique medical items.

Pros: This kit is ideal for any outdoor trip with the included carabiner, compass, emergency blanket and whistle. The assortment of bandages fit around toes and parts of the feet to cover all sorts of injuries.

Cons: Adhesive bandages are plastic, not fabric.

m2 basics first aid kit

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