The Best Callus Shavers for Rough Skin

Almost everyone has acquired a foot callus at one point or another, but if you’re tired of the rough, hardened skin on the bottom of your feet, a handy callus shaver may be just what you need. They’re easy to use and come in various options, from models with electric motors to blades that scrape away dead skin. To ensure you find the best one for your foot care needs, we did some research and curated a list featuring a few of our favorite callus shavers on the market that’ll leave your feet feeling ultra-soft with minimal effort.

1. Own Harmony Electric Callus Shaver

This lightweight, ergonomic electric shaver features coarse rollers that spin fast to erode tough calluses.

Pros: It comes with a rechargeable battery that has a lifespan of more than 750 hours. It will work continuously for up to 45 minutes. Pressure-sensitive technology protects the skin from cuts and irritation.

Cons: The charging light doesn’t indicate when the device has been fully charged.

Own Harmony electric callus remover
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2. Capspace Callus Shaver

This shaver has a solid wooden handle that’s easy to grip and a removable stainless steel blade that shaves with precision.

Pros: It’s packaged in a sleek case and comes with 10 spare blades.

Cons: The blades may rust if you don’t dry them completely after each use.

capspace callus shaver
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3. Zizzon Callus Shaver

This callus shaving tool also has a sturdy, nonslip handle made of wood and a sharp, removable stainless steel razor head.

Pros: This one also comes in a polish case.

Cons: Handle with care.

zizzon callus shaver
CREDIT: Amazon

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