Best Bunion Corrector And Sleeve Kits

For anyone who has ever dealt with a bunion, you know the pain they can cause. Bunions are bumps that form at the base of your big toe that can be caused by genetics, foot injuries or foot deformities, among other reasons. Bunion correctors and sleeves can help relieve pain caused by these growths. FN rounded up the some of the best you can buy now. These kits include products like splints, gel-padded sleeves and more. The compression of their sleeves along with the alignment of the correctors works to aid in straightening out toes and increasing circulation.

1. Flyen Bunion Corrector and Sleeves Kit

Flyen’s kit is equipped with seven sleeves and correctors designed to separate, straighten, stretch and align your toes.

Pros: The products in this kit are made with cushy silicone gel. One size should fit most.

Cons: The sleeve may be tight on larger feet.

flyen bunion kit
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2. Brison Bunion Corrector Kit

Brison’s kit is made from soft and odorless materials; it comes with elastic gel pad bunion sleeves and splints.

Pros: The sleeves can be worn with most shoes and are non-slip, breathable; they’re designed to provide relief not just for bunions but also Hallux Valgus and hammertoes.

Cons: The sleeve may slide around on smaller feet.

brison bunion kit
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3. 4Gear Sportlife Bunion Corrector & Relief Kit

4Gear’s kit consists of one pair of bunion sleeves, one pair of bunion splints, three pairs of toe separators, one big toe exercise strap and a spiky massage ball.

Pros: This kit is designed to increase the spaces between your toes and realign them back to the correct position. The included massage ball is great for massing arches.

Cons: The toe separators may come off easily while you sleep.

4gear bunion kit
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