The Best Products for Preventing Blisters

Blisters are caused by friction that often occurs from wearing improperly fitting shoes — with toes, heels and sides of the feet being some of the vulnerable areas. While you may be tempted to reach for a bandaid, it’s best to turn to special blister prevention products for a longer lasting solution.

There are a range of options available, but we did the shopping for you to find those actually worth purchasing. From heel pads to invisible balms, they all help provide an extra barrier between your skin and the shoe to reduce the discomfort associated with rubbing. Shop the miracle products below.

1. Pedag Stop Heel Grips

Whether a blister has formed or you feel one coming, these handy pads can be placed at the heel of the shoe to prevent uncomfortable rubbing.

Pros: Great for styles that are loose-fitting, as they can be placed at the back of the shoe to fill extra space and stop feet from sliding in and out. Made of super soft yet durable for added comfort. Features strong adhesive to help heel pads stay put. One size fits all men’s and women’s shoes.

Cons: May leave behind a residue on shoes if you try to remove the pads. Grips are hard to reposition once in place due to strong adhesive.

pedag-heel-grips blister prevention
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2. Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding Roll

This thin moleskin can be cut to all shapes and sizes for extra protection on any part of the foot.

Pros: Affordably priced for en entire roll. Offers a thinner design than most heel grips that may better fit inside certain shoe styles. Features self-stick adhesive to keep the moleskin in place all day.

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Cons: May not be as long-lasting as sturdier heel grips; Peeling/curled edges can occur with smaller pieces used.

3. BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm

For a truly low-profile solution, this balm creates a invisible barrier on the skin to reduce friction.

Pros: Made of natural, hypoallergenic ingredients. Helps repel moisture while allowing feet to breathe to reduce sweat buildup. Also helps restore dry, chapped skin. Long-lasting.

Cons: On the more expensive end for product size.

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