Best Band-Aids & Adhesive Bandages

It’s wise to keep your cabinets stocked with bandages because accidents can happen when you least expect them to. Sometimes, cuts and blisters can occur simply while breaking in a new pair of sneakers, pumps or sandals. To help protect your wounds and allow them to heal faster, we rounded up some of the best adhesive bandages you can buy from brands you trust to keep you safe. They’re designed to effectively stick on skin and offer breathable coverage for hours.

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1. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Variety Pack

The variety pack contains 280 sheer and clear adhesive bandages in assorted sizes for small and big wounds.

Pros: A Quilt-Aid pad cushions without sticking to the wound, so you can minimize pain when removing the bandage. The backing features Microvent technology for enhanced breathability.

Cons: This box doesn’t come with any waterproof options.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Family Variety Pack
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Curad Assorted Bandages

With 300 pieces and six different bandage styles, this pack comes with four-sided seal technology so dirt and germs don’t get inside.

Pros: This includes 30 bandages that are waterproof and 30 with an infection-control pad. You also get 80 assorted sheer bandages and 70 fabric bandages hat are flexible and breathable.

Cons: They may leave a slightly sticky film on skin when you peel them off.

curad assorted bandages variety pack of 300
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages

All the bandages in this 100-box feature a 360-degree seal around the pad for top-notch protection against water, dirt and germs.

Pros: A transparent flexible backing and nonstick pad are made to easily adhere to knees, toes, ankles and other spots. They come in a variety of sizes.

Cons: Some may find the smaller ones to be a tad flimsy.

nexcare waterproof clear bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

4. Solimo Fabric Adhesive Bandages

The brand provides a box of 100 flexible adhesive bandages, all in one size, to cover most smaller wounds and abrasions.

Pros: These bandages allow for wear for up to 24 hours, protecting wounds but still allowing for easy removal. The wound pad is highly absorbent but nonadhesive, so it won’t stick to the cut.

Cons: It only offers one size versus other brands that offer variety packs.

solimo bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

5. Care Science Fabric Adhesive Bandages

Available in three different sizes, these 100 bandages allow you to safely cover any cuts or abrasions.

Pros: The pad is made to prevent infections and features the brand’s pocket pad technology to wick away moisture. Meanwhile, a four-sided seal prevents dirt from entering.

Cons: The adhesive on these may not be as strong as other competitors.

care science bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

6. ProAdvantage Large Adhesive Bandages

These bandages measure 2 inches by 4 inches and come in a pack of 50; each order comes with two boxes for a total of 100 bandages.

Pros: They feature a larger island pad for fuller coverage, especially on larger wounds, as well as  a four-sided adhesive to create a sealed fit.

Cons: These may irritate sensitive skin more than other brands.

proadvantage bandages
CREDIT: Amazon

7. All-Health Fabric Adhesive Bandages

These 200 fabric bandages in assorted sizes use a nonadhesive pad to cover your cuts with soft yet durable material.

Pros: Providing both breathable and flexible coverage, these bandages are designed to block out dirt and germs with their four-sided seal and come in three sizes.

Cons: The adhesive may not be as sticky on these as adhesives found on other styles.

all health bandages
CREDIT: Amazon
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