The Best Athletic Tape Removers

If you’re using athletic tape to help heal an injury, it’s ideal to have a strong adhesive remover on hand to get rid of any sticky residue from your skin once you take the tape off. A good one should be gentle and highly effective at dissolving the glue used to bond tape. To ensure you find what you’re looking for, we did some research and rounded up some top options on the market. Each product is designed to be easy to apply and guarantee seamless tape removal.

1. Hollister Adapt Medical Adhesive Remover

This adhesive remover spray features a silicone-based, alcohol-free formula that doesn't sting.

Pros: It doesn't contain any CFCs or rubber latex.

Cons: Some users may find the 360-degree spray's range to be too wide.

Hollister Adapt Medical Adhesive Remover
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Goo Gone Bandage Adhesive Remover

The medical grade adhesive remover is also free of alcohol and nonirritating.

Pros: It's also greta for removing temporary tattoos and ink marks on skin.

Cons: Some may find it can dry out the skin slightly.

Goo Gone Bandage Adhesive Remover
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3. Cramer Tape Remover

The solvent has a soothing, fast-acting formula that leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Pros: This 16-ounce bottle should last you awhile.

Cons: It's not as efficient to apply as an option with a spray nozzle spray nozzle.

Cramer Tape Remover
CREDIT: Amazon

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