These Achilles Tendon Support Sleeves Are Designed for Pain Relief

The Achilles tendon is found on the back of the ankle and is an important link between your calf muscles and your heel bone. Achilles tendon injuries are especially painful and require a long road to recovery; that’s where ankle support sleeves come into play. Ankle brace sleeves provide proper compression to the areas you need most, including the back of the heel. Their snug fit helps to increase blood flow, support the joints and decrease built-up lactic acid. FN curated a handful of Achilles tendon support sleeves you can buy, including a moisture-wicking option to keep sweat at bay.

1. PowerLix Ankle Compression Sleeve

PowerLix’s ankle sleeve is made from a breathable fabric blend with four-way stretch capabilities.

Pros: The fabric of this brace is engineered to feel soft to the touch; the special knitted design is made to hug the joints.

Cons: Your normal footwear size may fit tighter than expected.

powerlix ankle sleeve
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2. Crucial Compression Ankle Sleeve

Crucial Compression’s ankle sleeves use tough double stitching and moisture-wicking fabric to keep feet cool and dry.

Pros: This sleeve’s ankle compression technology is made to provide secure support without feeling too bulky.

Cons: This product may fit large around smaller ankles.

crucial compression ankle sleeve
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3. SB Sox Compression Ankle Brace

SB Sox’s ankle sleeve construction includes elastic layers made from a mix of nylon and spandex for ultimate flexibility.

Pros: The layered material is also designed to reduce lactic acid build-up.

Cons: This sleeve runs small and isn’t very breathable.

sb sox ankle sleeve
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