Help Fight Common Foot Fungus With These Natural Products

Dealing with fungal infections like athlete’s foot can be an unsightly process at best, and painful at its worst. While it’s best to visit a doctor if your conditions are severe, there are a range of natural, over-the-counter products that can help improve your symptoms in milder cases. When it comes to natural products, look for washes and paint-on nail formulas that contain fungus-fighting essential oils, such as tea tree oil. And to keep infections from coming back, try simple self-care routines like keeping your feet dry and clean and changing your socks daily. Ahead, shop our ultimate guide to some of the best natural products that could help relieve athlete’s foot.

1. Remedy Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

This soap is great for anyone who lives in a hot climate or has an intense regular workout routine.

Pros: The body wash is mild yet effective with a fresh mint scent. This product works well on sensitive skin and comes as a pack of two.

Cons: The bottle doesn’t have a fast-opening design.


2. Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

This wash contains tea tree oil as well mint for an invigorating scent. It also includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut butter and pomegranate oil to calm and hydrate skin.

Pros: This product is said to be mild on sensitive skin and is paraben-free.

Cons: Some users said that this product does not lather much.

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3. Majestic Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

For a solution that doesn’t take any additional shower time, this is a great option for the busy person.

Pros: The dropper applicator makes this easy to use and incorporate into your everyday routine.

Cons: It only comes in one size.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon


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