Best Nail Polish Sets for Kids, According to Amazon Reviews

Nail art can be fun for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, many polishes are made with harsh chemicals that can damage nail beds and even be detrimental to your little one’s health. For safe playtime, we’ve rounded up a range of non-toxic nail polish sets for kids that are free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde and heavy metals. Each kit is specifically designed for young children, complete with a range of brightly colored polishes, fun packaging and scented options. Some even simply peel off when your tot wants to remove the polish.

1. Airdom Nail Polish

Airdom’s water-based nail polish has almost no odor and is free of formaldehyde, benzophenone and heavy metals. You can peel off the formula when needed, so you don’t need to use polish remover (many non-natural options contain harmful ingredients).

Pros: The formula is meant to dry fast. You get seven colors, including a glittery silver shade. This also comes with a top coat.

Cons: These may not be as long-lasting as other formulas.

Airdom Nail Polish
CREDIT: Amazon

2. Townley Girl Disney Princess Nail Polish

This Disney princess-themed set of nail polish is also water-based, peelable and devoid of harmful chemicals. It comes with 10 colors as well as two toe separators for small feet

Pros: Each bottle features an image of a different princess from a classic Disney film.

Cons: The application tends to be thin, so you may need two to three coats to really see the color.

Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids
CREDIT: Amazon

3. Piggy Paint Nail Polish

This non-toxic, vegan nail polish set from Piggy Paint offers four vibrant colors that smell like grapes, blueberries, watermelon and strawberries.

Pros: The scent is made to stick to nails even once they dry. These polishes are also water-based, so the scent shouldn’t be overpowering.

Cons: It may chip easily.
Piggy Paint nail polish

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