Best Bandages for Kids

Trying to get a bandage to stay on a restless kid is like trying to pin the tail on a donkey while blindfolded. Luckily, there are bandages featuring fun colors and patterns that kids will want to wear and incorporate strong materials and adhesives for better security. With that in mind, FN rounded up some of the best bandages for kids to cover scrapes and blisters.

1. Band-Aid Family Variety Pack

The set includes five different types in varying sizes and patterns.

Pros: The pack has waterproof materials, those made with flexible fabrics and Mickey-mouse printed options.

Cons: May leave an adhesive residue after wear.

band-aid bandages
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2. Curad Performance Adhesive Bandages

The bandages use extreme-hold tough fabric with rugged adhesive for long-lasting protection.

Pros: These band-aids not only keep cuts clean and covered but they come in fun colorways that kids will want to wear.

Cons: These aren’t waterproof.

curad bandages
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3. Patch Organic Bamboo Bandages

Featuring a panda print, the organic bandages are enriched with coconut oil and hypoallergenic adhesive material.

Pros: The bamboo fibers and infused coconut oil are designed to speed up the natural healing process. They’re also soft on sensitive skin.

Cons: This pack only comes with one size of bandages.

patch bandages
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